How the best tech companies manage and develop software.

We provide a deeply integrated platform for companies to use AI into their entire software engineering process.

Senior AI Platform

Guide the development process with AI insights

Senior AI Platform

Receive system design advice and analysis

Senior AI Platform

Identify security threats, bugs and flawed design patterns

Senior AI Platform

Obtain custom code for new features tailored to your codebase

Senior AI Platform

Understand large codebases and onboard new team members

Senior AI Platform

Many more

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SeniorAI Web Platform

An intelligence hub that can fully understand your company’s codebase and provide analytics, system design advice, support for onboarding new members, security threats identification and many more.

SeniorAI IDE Partner

An intelligent partner right in your IDE that always has full awareness of your entire code and can help developers with anything they need, exactly when they need it.

SeniorAI API

An API that is always up to date with your code and can provide answer programatically so that you can integrate it in your internal tools or in any other specific use case.

How it works

Start by Adding Your Codebase

Import repositories from Your GIT hosting service and begin interacting with your code. Let Senior AI guide and assist you every step of the way.


Entire codebase awareness gives you incredible possibilities for further software development - from bug analysis, specific features requests, security optimization and everything in between.

Analyze the project

and give code improvements ideas.

Explain the ins and outs of

the project to a new developer on our team.

Find possible security

threats that the project does not prevent

Is the code implemented

with best practices ?

Choose Your Plan

Tier 1

For power users


0.5M tokens

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or $288/yr.

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Tier 2

For growing teams


1.5M tokens

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or $660/yr.

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Tier 3

For bigger teams


3M tokens

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or $1320/yr.

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For corporations

Unlimited code quantity and features

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How can SeniorAI help my company build software better

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Is SeniorAI language agnostic?

Does the AI publish, commit, or change the code in my repository?

How is my code stored on SeniorAI ?

Does SeniorAI create projects from scratch?

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